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Friday, June 18, 2010

What is Life?

This is a general question which rise in every other human being, when we face lots of sorrows. We may think "What is Life?" Why we are in this world?", but after we over come the sorrows, we forget the question which raised within us.

If we wanted to lead a happy life, we need to understand What is Life? Why we are in this world? These are the basic two questions which can make you feel more comfortable to lead your life peaceful and happy.

First lets see What is Life?

Life is just an empty bowl, a bowl which is empty were we fill what is needed to us at that time and then use that and feel happy. Again the bowl will become empty. Empty is the permanent thing, others which comes into the bowl are just temporary things.

Life is nothing its always empty. We need to understand this first. We are into this world, when we come we are all coming freely, no tension, no pressure, no commitments. We are all empty, clean, pure, innocent and happy. If we ask anyone in this world, Which was your beautiful part of your life time? The answer will be simple its there 'childhood'. Because they are empty at that point.

When life come tensed and pressured. Its simple, when we expect a lot or when we desire for something. We will have a crazy for a girl, crazy for money, crazy for religion, crazy for our children growth, crazy for movies, crazy for games its goes on and on. This crazy only makes as feel tensed or pressured at one point of time.

In the beginning everything seems to be happy, but when times goes we need to face lots of things to maintain this happiness. So life is always empty but we make that empty life critical because of our own desire, crazy and passion.

Now we will go into why we are into this world? Hope now you are clear with What's Life?

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