Bhagavad Gita

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why We are into this World?

We are all into this world to know ourselves. Its not so simple but its really interesting when we come to know why we are in this world. We were not born, we are always here only. Birth, its just for the body and not for the soul. Soul is every were, which cant be seen by this external organs. This external organ is a source which can be used properly to know our internal soul. Its like searching for the treasure outside, without knowing the right path, but the treasure is within us.

Each individual in this world have been searching for something or the other. It may have meaning or not, but there is a search. A search for money, food, shelter, happiness, and it goes on.. For each person there search is been felt something great and interesting. After getting every thing in there life, they will search for peace. They search for true love, they search a true heart who can care for them. This is human nature. They run behind all the silly things for there whole life, but at the end they may get everything but cant find a true heart or a true happiness or a peaceful mind.

We need to understand what is needed for our life? A good job, a nice salary which is enough for our living, A caring family and few friends. This may sound simple and funny for many. But this gives peace. When we have little people around us we can able to concentrate much and also care a lot for each other. We know what we required from each other. Then making many relationships and fighting for everything, without reasons.

When we are happy with our relationship, then we can able to be calm and relaxed. Now we can able to start thinking about our individual life. We can thinking on why we are into this world? We can able to analyse whats happening within us, why we grow, why we feel happy, why we feel sad, why we are getting ill, why we are getting older, why we get hunger, why we need air, water, fire, land for our living, why we all die one day.


  1. Interesting post.