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Friday, May 8, 2009

The key to self-knowledge

Don’t fake enlightenment
You do not have to fake enlightenment. If you're just honest, and start where you think you are, you will be in a perfect position to discover the truth or reality behind the whole universe. An ordinary person is a lot closer to enlightenment than an ostentatious teacher who has not seen what he or she is trying to teach. First these teachers will have to give up their pretension so that they will be in a position to look at their lives honestly. Then they will be able to find what is true. (I do not know all the teachers that you mentioned so this commentary is not necessary directed at them)

You can cut out this step if you are just honest from the beginning. You will know why honesty is so important if you know the secret to self inquiry: Whatever you see you are not. This means that when you become aware of a limitation you are free of it. So why not just look honestly without judgment and become aware of as much as you can.

Now notice what I didn't say. Struggle with your thoughts in order to get the correct ones, shoot your energy through your spine, get somebody to reshape your brain, or repeat over and over again that you are peace and one with everything.

The reason I have not mention these things is because they are just an attempt to change that which is limited. That's right, your thoughts your energy and your brain are all limited. Not matter what you do or don't do to limitation it will not get you any closer to your limitless being. Moreover, when you try to change your thoughts you are assuming that you are centered in the mind and from that limited perspective trying to find your being.

Miharshi-with-cow2-iC Find the self by standing as the Self
The only way to find the self is by standing as your self and looking from there. Room space will never discover its true nature if it assumes that space is limited to a room. Similarly you will never see your true nature of you assume that you are limited to the body or mind or even the “I thought” or ego. So give up assumptions of limitation and look at life afresh like a new born baby.

You will be surprised by how close you are to the highest truth ever discovered by a human being, and that truth is just who you are..

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