Bhagavad Gita

Friday, May 8, 2009

What is it that makes a person valuable?

When we look at the value of a person, we often ask: How much money do you have, or how much education do you have, or how smart are you? And yet underneath our measurements we feel that something is missing, that there is a beauty that we can’t quite grasp with our mind.

Somehow we feel that our value is invariable. That it is free from the ups and downs in life. But as we have seen recently, our wealth can fluctuate like a storm in the ocean. At one moment we can think that we have a lot; In the next moment we can realize that we were taken in by a scandal and now have nothing.

Even our intelligence changes On a more subtle level, we even see our intelligence changing. At one moment we feel sharp, like we have the ability to master even the most difficult concepts. But even when sleepy, we don’t feel that our value has disappeared

The reason for this is that our real value comes from our identity. For instance, if we stand as a body then our value lies in the condition of our body. But if we stand as the mind we can let our body go. That’s because we value the condition of the mind more than the body.

But the mystery of life is that we are even greater than the mind. That’s because we stand free of any state of mind. The proof is that we also see the ups and downs of our mind.

Sunsetovertrees Your identity is not a thought To find your real value, return to your original intelligence, which was there before your mind was. One caution here: you do not want to mistake your original Consciousness for a thought. To avoid this notice that you are aware of the subject, which we call the I thought, as well as the object. This means that if you say: “I am going to the store,” the ‘I’ here is just another thought, it is not you.

If you can find this place that is free from the presence and absence of your thoughts, you will find the peace that passes all understanding. Here you will find your true value. It is deeper than anything you can fathom and is not affected by the ups and downs of the world. This is your true home. You know it because it is just who you are.

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