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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life starts and end in a circle(cage)

"Life starts and end in a circle(cage)"

Our life starts in an warm battle field, were two species coincide together. Out of several collision, the vital fluid joins together which give life to us, were our life is generated or created.

Then this life starts to grow, in a circular cage, where fluid is filled. Every species knows to swim, because all are swimming in this circular cage.

Our cells gets developed into tissues, organs forming the brain, spin cord which is the main formation of once life, to win this Life from death.

This spinal cord play a great role in once life. Are body is balanced because of this spinal cord., all our glands are located at points along our spinal cords.

Chakras are centers of psychic energy located at points along the spinal cord. They are associated with the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether. Each chakra corresponds to a specific sound (mantra) and geometric pattern (yantra). Through meditation on these chakras we can gain mastery over our body and each corresponding element.

Human life is a combination of the Physical, Astral and Causal Bodies. Of these, the physical body alone is perceptible to our senses. The astral body is formed by the association of the infinitesimal energy particles, and is known as the life-force. The third one is the causal (magnetic) body.

Astral Body:

The outer layer of man is the physical body. The inner layer is the “Astral Body”, which is the aggregate of the life force particles that penetratingly circulate throughout the physical structure.

Causal Body:
The third layer of man is the “Causal Body”. This is the aggregate total of the bio-magnetism existing and functioning in the physical body.

Genetic Center:
he formation of the genetic center and its miraculous functions of compressing all physical and mental waves to infinitesimal volume, as well as storing and reproducing everything like a computer is explained. The great value of the genetic center in its capacity to enable man to evolve toward perfection of consciousness is also revealed.

The reactions which carried out inside us is the reaction carried out in this universe.

Energy transfer takes place in universal Magnetism as well as in Bio-Magnetism based on five wave functions.They are,

1. Clash.
2. Reflection.
3. Refraction.
4. Interaction.
5. Penetration.

These five wave functions play a major role in the formation of magnetic imprints.

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