Bhagavad Gita

Friday, January 15, 2010

Feel The Hell and Heaven Of Your Life

What is Hell? Its a simple question, with simple answer. Hell is a place were we can find sadness or sorrow. We can find happiness over there. When we do lots of sin in our life we are put into the Hell, were all the evil things and devils will be living.

This is what many of them think or feel about HELL. But what is the actually meant by. Is there any place were really only evil things only live, is there any place were we can find only sorrow. From my point of view there is no place called HELL separately.

We are one who can make this life as Heaven or Hell, Happy or Sad, Sin-full or Sin-free. This Planet is a place where we are born to tame our-self. We should experience life, we should understand why we are in this world, what is the purpose we are into this world?

We run behind many thing everyday, but we never stop a second to thing why we are running for something which is not permanent in our life. To lead a peaceful life what are the essential things we need?
  • Carbon free Air.
  • Pure drinking Water.
  • Healthy Food.
  • Place to rest our-self.
If we get all the essential things our life is Heaven, but I don't think so people getting the essential thing for an heavenly life. Then it proves we are in HELL.

We cant get a CARBON free Air, our atmosphere is filled with carbon, lack of oxygen, heavy pollution and population.

No proper breathing, the main reason for the decrease of a human life span is lack of proper breathing. If we reduce our air pollution we can find a heavenly planet.

Best place to rest in this world, is under the shadow of the trees, its like sleeping in our mother.

But nowadays we cant find a tree, lack of trees and planets. We cant find the green nature around us, this shows we are in hell.

Everyone are running for so fast where they don't see what they are eating. They eat what they get in that time. No proper health conscious.

Water is a main resource for once life, but nowadays people starve for pure water. Water are polluted, which kills the planets, animals and crops in the fields. When we get all the basic essentials we can surely feel the heaven unless then we can feel only the hell, but we are not realizing the fact.

To make this life as heaven we need to change lots of things, its all in our hand to make our life as a peaceful and glories one or into a dull and rotten one.

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