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Monday, July 4, 2011

Secret Of Breathing - Subtle body

The subtle body complex extends into several dimensions of reality. It is composed of a series of energetic forms that may be analyzed for a variety of imbalances.

The Astral Form: This body resides within the second dimension. It is the form that we reside within for more than one third of our lives. It is the dream vessel. The health and well being of this form is crucial for the health and well being of the physical body. It is responsible for the health of the emotional and nervous systems of the physical body.

The Etheric Form: This body moves freely within the spaces between the second, third, and fourth dimensions of reality. It is responsible for sustaining the integrity of the physical form. It acts as a conduit for the distribution of life force from the higher mental body and the light body form.

The Mental Body: This body exists in two energy states, the higher mental body and the lower mental body. It is responsible for the stable flow of mental energy from the higher mind to the lower mind. As such, the structure, function, and variety of our thoughts is heavily dependent upon the sound functioning of this body.

The Subtle-Light Body: This body is largely dormant on the physical level in most people. It is however extremely important in our evolutionary growth potential. It contains more than 95% of our genetic, physical, emotional, and mental energy. The other bodies use the remaining 5% of that energy. As this bodies becomes active on the physical level, all areas of our health and well being tend to improve significantly.

These are the four main areas of the subtle body. In our complete, state of the art analysis of the health of your subtle body, we perform also perform a full analysis of the following energetic structures:

Major and minor chakras: The chakras control the flow of energy from the subtle-light body into the lower bodies.

The Nadis: The nadis control the flow of energy from one energy body to the next

Prana: simply put, prana is life force. We have five different types of prana and each type is responsible for a separte function within the body. The five types of life force are, apana, prana, samana, upana, and vyana.

Tattwas: the tattwas are the elements that make up the body, earth, air, fire, water, and ether. A proper balance between these elements is necessary for the health of the body.

The Ether: The Ether is an important aspect of the makeup of the body. Ether is a precursor to the elemental energy that makes up the body. There are as such several different types of ether: gaseous ether, liquid ether, solid ether, and etheric ether. Weakness or imbalance in any of these areas of the subtle tends to lead to illness.

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