Bhagavad Gita

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vallalaar’s Wisdom in Service - Song 5

My dear loved ones! come in and take the amiable

Pure path to Glory of Grace; achieve happiness; attain

All the worlds to prosper in life; gain worthy gift of

All-pervasive powerful Divine will to perceive and proclaim:

Thou aught the inner form of beauty reaching external

Form of beauty, in the luminous Glow of simmering gold,

The bright radiant light, Nectar afresh, final and complete

Wisdom above ultimate contents of gospels; rarest gem

Beyond reach of the vehement and malicious; the elixir in

Inner temple of conciousness to obviate all harm.


  1. I made myself my own award. take it from my site...

  2. Thanks alot Mr. Jenny, I feel so happy for this.