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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What are the four margams?

*Sanmargam* is composed from the four arts or discipline

1. *SIRIYA : *The art of divine service in daily life.

2. *Kiriyai :* The art to perform Divine devotion or prayer, feeding
the poor who have nothing is another form of action.

3. *YOGAM:* The are of the truth path of communication or yoga is to
live in a good and excellent way.

4. *GNAANAM:* The art of the truth path of wisdom is to live absolute
felicity while anchoring into the inner light with the Divine grace
presence, this is true knowledge.

*In the presence of Divine Grace.*

Then it is important that to arrive at the level of Suddha Sanmargam it is necessary to pass 12 levels of experiences which include the first three levels of experience described below. These three levels are each time associated to the four art described above, 3 times 4 equal 12. They result is to attain the 4th level Saayuchiyam, the integrate union with god..

*The four levels of experience;*

*SAALOKAM Live in god world.*
*SAAMIPAM; Live near god.*
*SAARUPAM; Live in the self consciousness that we are the same as god.*
*SAAYUCHIYAM; Reach the united union and the unity with god.*

***The united union refers to the inner divinity realization: saarupam.*

This is union must be associated with the outer god. Saayuchiyam the believe in the Divine Godhead or a higher force which induces the decent of grace. Anchor in the physical body.

We have the four levels of experience that are combining with the four

The four Margams are:

1. *Dhaasamargam*
2. *Satputhramaragam*
3. *Sahamargam*
4. *Sanmargam*

We can compare the meaning of the four Margams in the Indian tradition;

1. *Become the servant of God.*
2. *Become the son of God*
3. *Become the friend of God*
4. *Become god himself*

Vallalar gives this meaning to the four Margams

1. *Become the servant of all living creatures*
2. *Becomes the son of all living creatures*
3. *Consider all living creatures as your friends and same for
the opposite*
4. *Consider the life of all creatures as your life.*

In each Margam we have the four arts, 4 times 4 eaual 16types of experience or levels of evolution.

For example in Sanmargam we have the art of Sariya, Kiriya, Yogam and Gnaam, It is the same for the other three Margams.

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