Bhagavad Gita

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What is "Jeevakarunyam"?

What is the accurate meaning of " Jeevakarunya " how to follow it in day to day life?


This is only way to know, feel and understand the Vallalar telling "Jeevakarunyam".
If you follow this one, vallalar will teach remaining things to you.This is knows as "Nature of Soul".
Here all secrets are there.This Secret everyone has to experience in practical.
Instead of doing more R&D on this, Give Food and research.You will get lot....
This is given by vallalar in Jeevakarunya Discipline
This is not only for you.. Everyone (including me) should follow this Poor Feeding daily.
This is adviced by our Vallalar.
Here Discipline means, we have to follow regularly(daily).

Everyone should follow this "Jeevakarunya Discipline ".
This is God's Order to all.

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