Bhagavad Gita

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vallalar Secret Points - Power of Grace

This is the secret of "Thiruarutpa" by Vallalar. He had told the big secret in his songs. I have gave the values of those songs in my knowledge.

Here Arul means Grace - Power of the Almighty.

“With out Arul” single atom can’t be moved.(977-978)

”Arul” itself will do everything. We need not do anything. This is true (979-980)

"Arul" Discipline is the Clear Discipline - Other Disciplines are tempted one. (981-982).

If "Arul" is there, one piece can do five works (Padaithal, Kathal, Alithal, Maraithal, and Arulal). yes, this possible.(983-984)

"Arul" Knowledge (arivu) - is the only Knowledge - Other Knowledge are tempted one.(985-986)

"Arul" Pleasure (sugam) only "Endless Eternal Pleasure"(987-988)

If "Arul" is there, we can get the answer for Who Am I ?(993-994)

By "Arul" only, we can get anything and everything is possible.(995-996)

"Arul" Structure (vadivu) is only indestructible Structure.(997-998)


  1. i like your articles...i'm from india(tamil nadu)... may i know where you are from and how did you collect all those materials.....we need your service always.....

  2. Hi Magesh Kumar,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I m also from India - Tamil Nadu, currently in Abu Dhabi. I will always update my blog. When you find time, visit it for more information.