Bhagavad Gita

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brahmakumaris thoughts about life

Truth of Life is by knowing What's Spiritualism? Simple in words - Universal Light is called Spiritualism.

There is one God, Who is the father who is the enlightenment of everything in this universe. Who cant to seen directly, its can be felt and feel by everyone, if we try to follow his words.

"I am only the one incorporeal, invisible shining light, Hindus call me "Jyothirlingam", Muslims "Noor-Eh-Allah", Christians "Yahova" which means "Point of Light". I came for you from "Paramdham", the supreme Abode, to transform this world into Heaven once again. Recognized Me, your Eternal father & remember Me, the Purifier, to attain health, Wealth & Happiness & also to enter the forth coming Golden Age." by means of doing meditation. Which will be seen in detailed in the up coming days.

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