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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hidden Secret of Life - Chemicals and its play

Our Universe are made out of chemicals, every second thousands of reactions are carried out over here for some reasons.

We are all one matter, made out of atoms, molecules, chemicals which are in the form of cells, tissues, Harmon, organs, simply to say living beings.

There is nothing called GOOD or BAD around us, each one react to the reaction or collision which as to be take place at that time.
We are all a instruments, we play as we have to be played. Nothing can be changed within a day or so.
We need money to live, but we the one created the money. We the one who separated people, we the one sorted everything. Who are we to do all this in this world?
Why we blame GOD, for what we had done to this world?
We need to correct, we need to realize , we need to change.

GOD is in everyone, that's why all creatures able to survive in this world.
we see difference in people, but there is no difference when it comes to GOD.
GOD created us, he gave us food, shelter as this whole EARTH. When we eat food it gets digested in a similar manner for everyone, without any difference.

No one is called themselves as GOD. All where saints, Guru's, yogis and swamy, who were praying to GOD to get is blessings. We made them as our GOD, we started to follow this souls in the name of GOD.

No on is 'GOD', but we are all the creation of God. We are all children of GOD. Understand what the saints and yogis told, which we need to follow.

Peace, Happiness will follow us if we follow there words and blessings.

This galaxy is full of chemicals, without chemical there s nothing in this world.

Life & Chemicals:
  • Create
  • Destroy
  • Reactions
  • Actions
  • collisions
  • Re fusion or Repulsion

There is no life without all this processes, it starts with it and ends with it. A cycle of one soul with various reactions and actions.

  • Reaction = Feeling + Emotions
  • Reaction = GOOD + BAD
  • Reaction = Rich + Poor
  • Reaction = positive or negative

There are only three characters:
  • Positive
  • Negative
  • Neutral.
Everyone comes or falls in this three characters. Feels and Realize what's around you.

We are all born animals, we have change our appearance, but our inner appearance will never get changed.

"I am the problem, that is the problem"

WE are the problem for us. Eg: Tree. Never blame the leave and branches of the tree then seeing the root, which is the source of the problem.

"Happiness is felt, when you are shared it"

"People say you waste time, Nothing is there are wasting time when you are happy".

The human body is like a chemical processing plant. It takes in chemicals, processes them through various reactions and then distributes the output throughout the body.

Every action have an opposite reactions. When we do one action, its starts to create many reactions. Action is one, but reaction to that one action is many.

We have one world, its the place were we all living creatures live or lead our short span of life. An normal life of an human being is 120 yrs, but people are killed or dead due to some reasons. Why people kill themselves, what they need in this world. Who are they to kill there body.

GOD had given us everything, food, shelter, light, water, air, fire, nature, birds, animals, mountains, flowers etc., there is lots more to enjoy in this. To enjoy this world, our whole life time is not enough, that much things are there to enjoy. But why people, go behind, money, positions, praise, ego, prestige, conquering others things.

There is nothing in this world which can be owned by us, what we have today, will be the got into the hands of others tomorrow. Nothing in this world are permanent.

Today we are 16th, but tomorrow this 16th can become 60th, nothing is permanent. Search for the one which is permanent. Love everyone, care for everyone. Save this world and save all the living beings.

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