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Friday, July 24, 2009

Chakras and explanation which enlighten our life - 2

Chakra 5:

Sound...rhythm...vibration...words. Powerful rulers of our lives, we take these things for granted. Using them, responding to them, creating them anew each day, we are the subjects of rhythm upon rhythm, endlessly interweaving to create the fabric of all that we experience. From the first cries of a newborn child to the harmonies of a symphony, we can hear the sound of consciousness reaching out to connect with others and echo back upon itself again.

Communication is the means whereby consciousness extends itself from one place to another. Invisible, sometimes even inaudible, communication is the connecting principle that makes life possible. From the DNA encoded messages of living cells to the spoken or written word, from the nerve impulses connecting mind and body to the broadcast waves connecting continent to continent, communication is the heart of coordination among all living things.

Chakra five is the center of sound, vibration and self-expression. It is the realm of consciousness that controls, creates, transmits and receives communication, both within ourselves and between each other. It is the center of dynamic creativity, of synthesizing old ideas into something new. Its attributes include listening, speaking, writing, chanting, telepathy and any of the arts-especially those related to sound and language.

The chakra of communication, commonly called the "throat chakra" is located in the region of the neck and shoulders. Its colour is blue-a bright cerulean blue, as opposed to the indigo blue of chakra six. It is a lotus with 16 petals, which contain all the vowels of the Sanskrit language. Vowels are typically thought to represent spirit, while consonants represent the harder stuff of matter. The lotus is called Visuddha, which menans "purification". Within the chakra appears, once again, Airavata, the many tusked white elephant. He is within a circle inside a triangle pointing downward, symbolizing the manifestation of speech. The deities are the God Sadasiva and the Goddess Gauri. Each of the deities is shown with five faces.

The associated element of this chakra is ether, otherwise known as Akasha or spirit. This chakra brings an awareness of deeper harmonics hidden in the subtler vibrations of what is known as the "ethereal" realm. It is the last of the seven chakras to have an element associated with it.

Chakra 6:

From the dawning of ages, darkness and light have intertwined to bring us one of the greatest gifts of nature's wonder-the ability to see the world around us. Stimulated and enhanced by colours all around us, shape and form are recorded in our mind's eye to dance across our thoughts and bring them to life. From our dreams we manifest our inner visions. From our intuition we"see" our way through situations, making constant decisions, as we discern and organize the patterns we perceive around us.

The "brow chakra" is located in the center of the head behind the forehead, either at eye level or slightly above. It is associated with the third eye, an etheric organ of psychic perception floating between our two physical eyes. The third eye brings us added understanding, much as reading between the lines of a piece of paper gives us added insight into words. The seed sound of this chakra is OM, with special emphasis on the "mm" sound, which vibrates the bones in the face,stimulating this center. There are only 2 petals at the ajna chakra, which resemble wings and symbolize the ability of this chakra to transcend time and space, allowing the inner spirit to "fly" to distant times and places. Chakra six is the centre of "seeing", related to the element light. Through the sensory interpretation of light we obtain information about the world around us. How much we are able to see depends upon how open or developed this chakra is. The gamut of visual and psychic ability run from those who are extremely observant of the physical world to those who are gifted in psychic perception, who can see auras, chakras, details of the astral plane, as well as precognition (seeing events in other times) and remote viewing (seeing into other places).

At the sixth chakra we encounter a higher,faster vibration than that of sound, though of a fundamentally different character. Here we embrace the phenomenon of light, a small part of the larger electromagnetic spectrum. If we consider that a large percentage of our information comes to us in visual form, and that visual information is perceived in the form of patterns of colour, the subtle changes in frequency exhibited by light must have an enormous effect upon our minds and bodies. The chakras too have their own associated colour, which correspond largely with colours used for healing the part of the body associated with each chakra. The colours for the chakras are as follows:

* Chakra One - Red
* Chakra Two - Orange
* Chakra Three - Yellow
* Chakra Four - Green
* Chakra Five - blue
* Chakra Six - indigo
* Chakra Seven - violet
* Chakra Eight - Black
* Chakra Nine - Golden
* Tenth Chakra - Purple - Blue
* Eleventh Chakra - White
* Twelveth Chakra - Silver

Colours, like the sounds associated with each chakra,are another manifestation of the seven planes associated with this system. They are a key to understanding of self and environment,and another tool for the conscious manipulation of our own energies. They can be used in visualization for self-healing and for projecting outward what we want to manifest around us.

The most significant aspect of consciousness at the level of the sixth chakra is its profound degree of psychism, that is, the perception of information in the nonmaterial realm and the ability to make conscious use of those perceptions. The term "clairvoyance" means clear seeing. seeing that is not muddled by the opaque world of material objects normally defining our limited sense of space and time. To be clairvoyant we need to look in the spaces that are clear-to look at the fields of energy, not of objects; to look at relationships, not things; to see the world as a whole, and to reach with our minds directly and clearly for the information we want. The more clarity we have within ourselves, the better we are able to see the subtle properties of the world around us. Secondly, to be clairvoyant we need to see-and as obvious as this may sound, true "seeing' is a process that goes far beyond the one we use to keep furniture from bumping our shins. To "see" implies a far deeper perception than to look. The third eye is a kind of psychic lens through which our higher senses perceive and interpret information, which is then run through the ajna chakra itself, where it is compared and arranged with pre-existing data. Here it is the third eye that looks and the ajna that sees. If you close your eyes and remember your first car, you can see the colour, upholstery and maybe even a small dent on one side. Like the hologram, you in your mind's eye can walk around the car, seeing the front and back as you choose. The actual car need not currently exist. The image exists apartfrom it and by focusing our attention, the image is retrieved. In your mind's eye, you can see what you choose to look at. This is the process of visualization. Clairvoyance is a willed process of visualization. It is a matter of systematically being able to call up relevant information on demand, regardless of whether it had been previously programmed. We transcend at this level. We need not limit accessible information to what has been entered in the past-we can also retrieve information from the future. The only difference is that we are willing the creation of the reference beam that will bring forth the image, rather than waiting for some point in the future where circumstances will call it forth. Once we know where to look for data, we need to know how to look. Accessing memory is a process of finding the right code-the right reference beam to bring the holographic image back to life. The development of clairvoyance depends on the development of the visual screen and the creation of an ordering system with which to access information from the screen.

Chakra 7:

The 7th chakra is located at the top of the head and is violet or white in colour. this centre is known to govern our cosmic consciousness and it is here that we begin to understand our spiritual wisdom. The mantra for this centre is AUM and the crystals that help open this centre are Clear quartz, Amethyst, and Chevron Amethyst you can find more crystal linked to this centre on our gems and crystals page.

Chakra 8:

The 8th chakra is located at the base of the skull where we find the cerebellum or shamballa as it is also known. it is through the opening of the centre that we begin to manifest advanced spiritual skills like bi-location, etheric projection , invisiblity, and I have found that this centre is linked to the etheric plain. the mantra for opening this chakra is DEE-EE-OH. Crystals that also help open this centre are Petersite, Spirit Amethyst, auora Quartz, Clear Quartz, selenite. it is advised that the lower seven charkas are grounded before working with this chakra. Another way I have found to activate the opening of this chakra is through peripheral vision also known as auric sight. One techique that I personally use is that of sitting infront of a mirror and focusing on the minds eye and once the etheric body is visible moving my focus into the etheric body. this techinque I have found works well with opening this centre. it is within the etheric body or casual body that we find the lower point of the etheric heart the Manasic Permenent atom or generic mind as it is also known.
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