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Friday, July 3, 2009


A yoga gland called kundalini is underneath the spinal chord of every creature in the shape of a serpent. Normally this kundalini serpent sleeps when the mind is active and the kundalini awakes if the mind sleeps. Awakening of kundalini is the basic necessity for meditation which activates all the yogic chakras (knots of the nerves) of the body.

Sleep is unconscious meditation and meditation is conscious sleep. One who meditates by awakening his kundalini will easily receive the cosmic energy in multiples which results to have a healthier body and mind clarity to make his body to kayakalpam stage as per the experience and outcome of the sidha purushas.

The hormone which segregates from the kundalini gland is called as sperm when it flows downwards of the body, and called as Grandhi when it sent upwards of the body piercing the spinal chord by crossing the Brahmagrandhi, Vishnugrandhi, and Rudhragrandhi knots which finally reaches the Sahasrara chakra activating the other six basic chakras.

At sahasra chakra The hormone liquid called as grandhi becomes nectar (AMIRDHAM) and drips over the throat portion and if swallowed the power of this nectar (AMIRDHAM) spreads all over the body and cleanses the 72000 Yogic Nadis (energy tubes), through the three medical nadis of vadham, pitham and silethumam, thereby makes the body to attain kayakalpam stage and mukthi.

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  1. This is interesting. I have been working on my meditation for about,almost, 6 months. and this is the second time I heard of this. I do not know if my meditation is working like it should, but I do know that at times my spirit is flowing next to me when I am walking or doing anything.

  2. Nice posting. Do you know about these kundalini books?

  3. sleep is not unconscious meditation!! if it was then sum of knowledge man has before sleeping should be more that after sleeping.

  4. Sleeping is a Unconscious medication. Science explains it clearly, when you are sick do you remember what the doctor advice you?

    Take rest and sleep well, since during the sleeping your mind regenerates the energy required for the body and repair the dead cells.