Bhagavad Gita

Thursday, July 2, 2009


By: St. Manikavasagar
English Interpretation By : AppuArchie
(Copyright Ramalingam Shanmugalingam 1997.)

Long live Sivas name (NA MA CI VA - JA - The mystic five letters)
Long live the Lords Feet
Long live his feet that is in my memory for ever
Long live the KOKAZHI (THIRUPPERUNTHURAI AVUDAYAR Temple) Rulers feet of gem
Long live the sweet feet expounded by Saiva Scriptures
Long live the feet of the one and the many Lord.

Victory to the feet that destroy harsh impurities
Victory to the feet and the headdress that severs re-birth
Victory to the feet of the one distancing from the antitheists
Victory to the feet that rejoices at the praying hands in adoration
Victory to the feet that glorifies those who bow their heads to Him. 10

Hail to the Lords feet, hail to the feet of father in heaven
Hail to the lustrous feet, hail to the roseate feet of Siva
Hail to the flawless feet of the Love personified one
Hail to the feet that severs illusive birth
Hail to the feet of the Lord of PERUNTHURAI
Hail to the mount of eternal bliss.

Siva the omnipresent is ever present in my heart
I worship his feet by his grace
I rejoice singing songs of Siva
To rid myself of my sordid past. 20

He of the forehead eye bestowed grace
To adore his feet of excellence that is beyond awareness
O Lord the brightest light, you pervade heaven and earth
Countless and boundless you of the greatest glory
Words fail me the doer of evil deeds to praise you.

The grass, the shrub, the worm and the trees
Varied beasts, the birds and the snakes,
The stones, the humans, the devil and the angels
Powerful giants, ascetics and the celestials
Enumerated as the dynamic and the static 30
I am exhausted by these evolutions, our Lord! It is the truth;
The sight of your golden feet, freed me from bondage.

You ensured my survival by placing the OM in my heart
True and perfect Lord on the bull; scriptures
Call you a subtle leader high wide and deep
Soothing the hot and cold our pure one
All that are lies in your presence disappear
As you appear as the beacon of true knowledge.

You gave me pleasure despite my ignorance precious joy
Oh the enlightened that dispelled my lack of knowledge 40
Without beginning, dimension nor end and all the world
You create, protect and destroy but also shower your grace
Guide me in my several life forms you assign to me.

You are part of your devotees like the fragrance in flowers
Yet out of sight to the unfriendly
Like jaggery mixed in milk and ghee
You occupy as honey in the hearts of devotees
To put an end to this life chain O Lord.

You are colors of the five elements, yet
Hid from the celestials, my Lord, 50
Covered in dark deception by evil deeds
Bound together by the precious twine of virtuous deeds
Camouflaged the worm and dirt with external skin
Inside a body with nine valves my home you provided.

The puzzle of the five senses free to be deceitful
You check with your pure heart
My growing love for you, your grace melts my heart
Though this low-life lacks any good
You are my teacher, with your noble feet exposed
To me your slave worse than a dog 60
Your form showered more than motherly affection

Oh flawless luminosity, the hue of blossoms
Oh the lustrous one; the sweet ambrosia of SIVAPURAM
The Lord that severs the bond and showers his blessings
To bless me with love and to blast the deceit in me
Permanently stationed in me the great river of bountiful grace
Nectar without cloying and Lord without measure
You the bright light is invisible to the dull
Makes my heart melt and blends with my life forever.

O Lord! With or without pain or pleasure 70
Friend to the friendly; anything and nothing
Flaming light! Expansive darkness! Concealed renown!
The timeless! The end and middle and Nought
Forced me into your service my father and Lord.

Perspicacious perception of true understanding
Rare object, subtle sensitivity in fine consciousness
No death, no birth, no coalesce, are his blessings
Protector of all: Lord the opaque Light.

The pleasure flood, the greatest of all
Form of flaming light subtle in consciousness 80
Dynamic universe enlightened by his eternal presence
Clear is my thought in the clarity of his influence
The eternal-nectar-spring within me.

I cannot bear to be caged in this perishable body
We cannot stand any longer O Lord they shout
With empty-words and thoughts and praise, survive consciously
Return as a consequence of twin deeds -- good and bad --
O Lord save us from this false body
As you dance in your midnight drama.

THILLAI dancer, South PANDI resident 90
Savior from painful life, with OM
Praise the priceless, and fall at his feet
Sing in praise with feeling and meaning
Rush to SIVAPURAM to worship his feet
That elevates all servitors to exalted heights. 95


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  1. thank you very much for posting this.. It brought me to tears just understanding the Sivapuranam. Lord Siva bless you and your family always.