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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dhyana - Meditation - Lesson IV

Dhyana is absorption of Inner Organ (antakarana or mind) and intelligence (Chaitanya) in one thought excluding all other thoughts and is the natural progression of concentration (Dharana), when the five elements, five senses and internal organs are contained. One should seek a Guru for initiation into Sakti-based Parai Dhyana and Siva-based Siva

Dhyana is the primary lamp that lights the mind-lamp and all other lamps, and dissipates ego and anger; the mind lamp glows forever.Dhyana is looking for God within. The jiva is the mirror for the Great Soul, Siva.

Steps to follow:

Fix your wandering eyes on the point of the nose, no trouble (Vâttam) will haunt you, your body will not perish, you will not face defeat (ôttam), anxiety (têttam) will flee, your feeling of I-ness will leave you, and Siva and you will become one. When you fix your eyes on the tip of the nose, retain the vital breaths inside, and put the Nadis to sleep (stillness), Dhyana's purpose is served and there is no fear of Samsara.

As the Kundalini Fire lights up the six Adharas (planes), the Light dissipates the darkness of Anava, and subdues the five Indriyas, which involute in subtle tanmatras, which again involute in Nada; the yogis reach the feet of Isa, the refuge of all.

It is always daylight in the room, where darkness is never known. You can protect this body from incineration in the furnace by meditation and light of knowledge which shines forever in the lunar realm. Having not curtailed the injunctions of the vows, running the Kundalini power up the vertebral canal by meditation through the three planes with ease guarantees this physical body an eternal life. There are three germinating Mandalas in the weary dark chamber of the heart.

If he becomes one with them and bores through the pasas (bondage), he, without weariness, ascends well indeed. He should transcend all three gunas, control his breath at Muladhara chakra, alternate the breath between right and left keeping the proper timelines and reach the heights of the king of Heavenly Beings.

The Anahata Chakra is four finger lengths above the navel Center (Manipura Chakra). Throat plane (Visuddha Chakra) is two finger lengths above the heart center. He who can concentrate on it deeply is known as the Lord of the physical body. The righteous devotee (Anbar) knows the ways of Dhyana because he transcends the tattvas, destroys the massive Maya, gains grace, and becomes the inseparable Great Grace himself.

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