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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dissolution Of EGO - Teaching for 18 Siddhas

Siddhar Thirumoolar's "Thirumandiram: A Classic of Yoga and Tantra".

    He is your Beginning;

    He is the life in your fleshy body;

    He is the God in Mountain Kailas

    None knows His design

    When the Primal One sways you,

    And your ego entire effaces,

    Then shall you reach the Lord,

    Above Tattvas all."

    Thirumandiram, Verse 2082

    Think of gold jewelry,

    Thought of gold metal is not,

    Think of gold metal,

    Thought of jewelry is not,

    Think of sense organs, Self is not

    Think of Self, sense organs are not.

    Think of wood

    Image of toy elephant recedes

    Think of toy elephant

    Image of wood recedes

    Think of elements five,

    Thoughts of Param recedes;

    Think of Param (the Supreme)

    Thought of elements recedes."

    Thirumandiram, Verse 2289-90

    Into the thousand-petalled lotus (in Sahasrara)

    The Kundalini fire shot up fierce

    And as with the fat of my heart's love,

    I made it blaze.

    She the Sakti appeared,

    She the Jewel of worlds all;

    The one, he died, my Egoity

    And the One, He appeared, my Siva."

    Thirumandiram, Verse 2978

    "When you have, limitless become,

    Who in limit, are you to see?

    When you have, yourself,

    He become,

    Who are you to think of?

    The Eyes that vanquished the God of love,

    When are they in longing to look for?

    Tell me, yourself, the real Truth."

    Thirumandiram, Verse 2954

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