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Monday, July 6, 2009

Principles of Tantra - Lesson II


Pratyahara is withdrawal of senses from external objects.The fire in Kundalini resides two finger lengths above Muladhara, two finger lengths below the genitalia, and four finger lengths below the navel. If you concentrate your mind and thoughts 12 finger lengths below the tip of your nose, the great Siddha Yoga gathers there, offering you an imperishable body. When Jyoti’s luster appears at the Visuddhi plane in the throat, it is a sign that you will enjoy Supreme Bliss. If you see moonlight at the throat center, your body will be intoxicatingly blissful.

Obstruct the Muladhara orifice (anus) and rest your thoughts on the upper (Sahasrara) opening—Brahmarandra; stay awake with your spear-like eyes (focused vision) and concentrate on the vast space; the idea is to conquer Time. If you internalize the kundalini light, you will become one with the Lord and your samsara (rebirth) comes to an end. For once, separate the Upādi (Maya, torment, pang) from the Lord, the ego from Maya and dissolve the ego; you will notice the advent of insight, contemplation and expulsion of ego, which make for the greatness of Pratyahara. If the exhaled air is prevented from escaping and retained within, the thoughts (Ul-lam) are contained therein.

Ul-lam = thought, soul, energy, buddhi, Conscience. The beautiful Lord (Peru-n-takai) will never leave you. Peru-n-takai = noble-minded Lord, Beautiful Lord. The entire world (Kuvalayam) appears in Pratyahara; the detestable darkness dissipates; you seek the Lord. (Vikirtan: God as different from the world.) If you concentrate your thoughts and intellect, you will see the Divine and become the immortal, Amarar. (Comment: Kumpakam or retention of breath is used by others as yardstick for Pratyahara, Dharana, Dyana, and Samadhi: Kumpakam gets longer and longer from the first to the last.

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