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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Siddhan Medicine - KayaKalapaa

“ Siddha medicine was developed by the ancient Tamils, Dravidian people who lived in South India. The early Tamil epics mention poets who were also medical men. In the seventh and 12th centuries A.D. bhakti literature blossomed, so did medicine. This was the period when most famous siddhars lived. Surgery was well developed. Siddha philosophy believes that the aging process can be slowed down, and that a long and healthy life can be achieved. This requires strict daily regimen in terms of diet and medical supplements. There are two ways of achieving a long and healthy life:

• The use of kayakalpa medicines
• The practice of kalpa yoga

Kayakalpa Medicines:

The word ‘kaya’ means body and ‘kalpa’ means stone. The word ‘kayakalpa’ means sturdy as a rock and ageless. [Here we have a slightly different definition.] Some good kalpa herbs are Ginger (Zinziber Officinalis), Kattukai (Terminalia Chebula), Amukkura (Withania somnifera), Keelanelli (Phyllathus Niruri), Date Palm ( Phoenix Dactilyfera), Seran Kottai (Semicarpus Anacardium), Vembu (Azadiracta Indica), Tulsi (Ocimum Sanctum), Lemon (Citrus Media Varacida) and Vilvam (Aegle Marmelos).

Kalpa drugs are manufactured from inorganic compounds also. For instance Ayasambeerakarpam is made from certain metals soaked in lime. Ayabringaraja Karpam is made from iron processed in lime juice. Poorna Chandrodayam contains gold, mercury, and sulphur. Kalpa drugs have rejuvenating powers and are believed to retard the aging process.

Kalpa Yoga:

The eight steps of Kalpa Yoga are identical to the eight stages of yoga prescribed by Patanjali.

These are:

1.Iyama (observances)
2. Niyama (restraints)
3. Asana (physical postures)
4. Pranayama (breathing exercises/control of the vital breath)
5. Pratiyakara (withdrawal/detachment of the senses)
6. Dharana (concentration of the mind)
7. Dhayana (sustained meditation)
8. Samadhi (merging of the conscious mind with the Superconsciousness).

The practice of yoga holds the promise of slow aging and a long and healthy life .

The kayakarpam ( or kaya kalpa) treatment consists in the following steps:

1. Preservation of vital energy by influencing internal secretions and blood circulation through controlled breathing and Yoga practice.

2. Conservation of male semen and female secretion, to use it in regenerating processes.

3. Use of a ‘universal’ salt known as muppu / muppuu, prepared by special processes to induce rejuvenation.

4. Use of (calcinated) powders prepared from metals and minerals, such as mercury, sulphur, gold, mica, copper, iron, etc.

5. Use of drugs prepared from herbs.

This last step (5) is the one most often employed, as it is the safest, and these drugs are relatively easily obtained, whereas step (4) is most risky, and hence it’s ‘secrets’ are relatively well and jealously guarded.

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