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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Chakras and explanation which enlighten our life -3

Chakra 9:

The 9th chakra is also known as the upper dan tien located at Pineal Gland and appears like a golden sun just above the minds eye. it is here the christ abilities lie dormant. crystals used with this chakra are sagilite, selenite, and clear quartz.

Chakra 10:

The 10th chakra is located just above the heart chakra at the thymus gland or spiritual heart as it is also known. it is here that we find our connection to god. this centre is also known as the centre of yin and yang as it balances the energies flowing from the earth star and the 12th chakra the gods head. Tapping this centre with your index finger twice and repeating the words I AM, I AM will help awaken this centre for best results it is advised that you do this at least 21 times a day, crystals that help open this centre are Raspberry Aura, Aqua Aura, Turquoise, and Aurora Quartz. just to name a few. I Am is a good mantra for this chakra.

Chakra 11:

The 11th Chakra is located an inch and a half above the belly button it is here that we find our divine essence known as the soul or soul star as it is also known, and and it is here we find our being that exists beyond the realms of time and space, crystals used with chakra are fire opal, coral, clear quartz merkaba, golden healers, and clear quartz.

Chakra 12:

12th Chakra: Silver The passive intuitive "Yin" principle in creation and your innermost link with the Creator - your Divine essence; with opening of this chakra you become more aware of your Divine purpose, with the realisation that all things will be achieved according to Divine Plan.

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